Jennings and Jennings LLC DBA (J2LLC) 

We do hard things RIGHT

J2LLC's core values - (3CIA)

  • CUSTOMER - is our first priority, the only reason we exist is to support the customer.

  • COMMITMENT - we stand by Peter Drucker's quote “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

  • COMMUNITY - we build relationships, donate time and 10% of our annual profit to local charitable organizations in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • INTEGRITY - we do what is right every time.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - we honor our obligations.

J2LLC serves our customers at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach for front line team members.  For every opportunity, we assemble the best team, with the right experience and expertise. 

Our focus is on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our customers to grow and lead.  Partnering with our customers we put best of class recommendations into practice. Our technicians are imbedded with our customers over long periods to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement and apply new industrial and administrative methodologies.

We constantly seek new and better ways to serve our customers by anticipating their future needs.  We tie line of actions from our customer's strategic plans through each level of the business hierarchy.  We encourage innovation at all levels of J2LLC, our team members create and pilot new capabilities and we invest our company's resources in these efforts. 

J2LLC's core competencies  of customer service, quality, flexibility and innovation provide our customers with unmatched depth and breadth of expertise.  We continue to add new experts, analytics capabilities and ways for our customer to bridge their organizational strategy to the execution of their mission at every level of the organization. 


Our priority is to build a relationship of trust with every customer.  We put our customer's interest ahead of J2LLC's.

  • We protect customer confidences.
  • We do not propagandize our customer's work.
  • We tell it like it is.
  • We will only take on an opportunity if we truly believe we create value for the customer in excess of our professional fees.

We measure achievement on the premise of our impact on the successful mission of our customer.

Industries and Associations

There is no alternative for knowing an industry and its professional certifying professional associations.  Each of our industry practices draws upon J2LLC experts from certifying bodies, government and industry professionals across our nation. 

Business Execution

From acquisition to logistics, translation services, security, professional services and technology, business excellence is a requirement for J2LLC.


Jennings & Jennings LLC's core competencies has been providing professional services, acquisition, logistics, translations services and security to DHS, DOD, and other Federal customers.  Our executives are leaders in professional services with more than 60 years of cumulative service to the government and international organizations. Examples of service include:

  • Provided Federal Employee business processes, policies and programs at Federal Administration Agency.
  • Provided management analysis support to the Human Resource Office in the Business Management Division of AHR.
  • Developed timelines for projects and processes reviews, updates, and creates internal SOPs and produced a library of SOPs.
  • Collaborated on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) project within the CRISP program, ensuring Agency compliance with privacy and security regulations.
  • Addressed potential security threats, with duties including establishing and implement Policies, Procedures and Processes targeted to address and communicate the enrollment of a new multi-factor authentication soft token for remote users using a non PIV enabled/compatible device.
  • Completed Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of the 2FA ticket resolution compliance process to internal procedures..  
  • In support of Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service provided optimized policies and business processes ensuring long term improved practices thru analysis and market researches; drafted SOPs supporting FPS Operations and Threat Management Divisions. 
  • Provided contract administrative support to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Information Technology Contracting Unit.
  • Assisted with Simplified Acquisition Procedures for open market and GSA purchases, issued Request for Quotations and verified the Central Contracting Registry, the Excluded Parties List and conducted price analysis of quotes.
  • Provided business management and financial analysis for the Critical Reagents Program in the Biological Defense, Chemical, Nuclear and Radiological arena under the umbrella of the Joint Program of the Executive Office for chemical and biological defense.
  • Provided liaison between the Critical Reagents Program and Government Laboratories, Foreign Military Entities, and Federal Agencies. 
  • At the Center for Countermeasures - Office of the Secretary of Defense; created Standard of Operating Procedures,  handbooks, scheduled, conducted, and documented re-occurring security training for CCM personnel.
  • Ensured monitoring compliance to security standards for use, disposal, control of classified devices, and documents, and maintained Security Clearance files on CCM personnel via access to JPAS.
  • Conducted announced and as unannounced security inspection for internal control within CCM, documenting and reporting the findings to the Director with recommended corrective actions to be taken.
  • Established and implemented a "DELTA" Force Protection Exercise Plan, which met all the requirements dictated by the Commanding General and was submitted to the Garrison Command for further dissemination within the other Directorates on Post.
  • Established, and disseminated Infosec, Comsec, Opsec, Information Security, Information Technology Security, Physical Security, and Personnel Security Policies and Procedures.
  • Directly supported the Drug Enforcement Agency Financial and Policy Control drafting financial policy and controls; researching, updating, establishing and implementing new policy and procedures. 
  • Provided court reporter, investigative and translating support to the U.S. Navy and NATO Allied Forces in Naples Italy.
  • In support of the U.S. Army Medial Command provided business operations and business development for business unit Identity Management and Healthcare products and service offerings.
  • Developed business strategies and marketing /sales plans for identity management solutions and Health IT related products and services.
  • Developed briefings, white papers, and other materials to promote and demonstrate Identity Management and Health IT capabilities.
  • Developed marketing and business strategies for Electronic Medical Record and Integrated Identity Management Solutions.